Ever heard about SAMEA?

SAMEA embodies the formalisation of the South African Evaluation Network (SAENet).

SAENet was an informal network aimed at building an active South African community of evaluators and others interested in evaluation. It was established after the well-known evaluator Prof. Michael Quinn Patton visited South Africa in April 2002. During his visit, the need for the establishment of an evaluation network for South Africa was identified. By the end of 2003, SAENet had developed into a vibrant M&E forum, counting 400 members.

SAENet was then turned into a formal organisation as SAMEA (South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association) in November 2005. It as a non-profit (section 21) association, which has members in every province and encourages the formation of provincial or regional chapters that will offer services such as resource networks, professional development activities, and forums for members to explore, discuss and get involved with evaluation interests. The overall objective of SAMEA is to “cultivate a vibrant community that will support, guide and strengthen the development of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) as an important discipline, profession and instrument for empowerment and accountability in South Africa”.

Want to check it out? Go to: http://www.samea.org.za