Our current projects and clients range from bigger development organisations, government institutions, private cooperations to smaller NGOs and NPOs. Below list only shows a small range of our most recent projects ...
Impact assessment of an internship programme offered at South African Universities

South African Universities have commenced offering internships to grant students important work exposure at their Technology stations. The assessment aims to assess the key strenghts and challenges of the programme and whether it results in employment opportunities for the graduates.

A Nationwide Tracer Study of VET graduates

Often VET participants are never followed up upon. However, without knowing what is happening Education will fail to implement effective strategies. The study aimed to trace VET graduates across regions, sectors and a number of years and their respective employment destinations.

Training success of a Life skills programme

Life skills programmes are indispensible for many disadvantaged youths to be translated into the labour market. The assessment focused on measuring the success of a youth life skills programme. Delivering continuous monitoring data to its sponsors and donors.

A follow-up on Disabled Learners in employment

Disabled learners are among the most marginalised in developing countries. Translating them into an environment, where they can make a living and provide for themselves is key to integrating them into society. The research traced disabled learners, who had gone through occupational training programmes and established their current socio-economic situation and how the training had impacted their lives.

Measuring changes in HIV/Aids knowledge and sexual-behaviour among youths (Baseline- and Follow-Up)

The project aims to measure the changes in HIV/Aids knowledge and sexual-behaviour of youths, which have participated in Sexual and Reproductive Health related training measures. The continuous survey includes baseline and follow-up questionnaires.

Comparing the performance and reach of country projects

Many development organisations would like to measure indicators, which allow them to compare the performance and reach of their different country projects. With around 50 country projects to assess, this assignment focuses exactly on achieving this.